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12 Gauge Professional Diamond Chain Link, All steel components, superior no-sag door design, and TWO GATES for professional convenience.
Grand Champion Modular Dog Kennel Runs come in every size and configuration:
* 4 ft and 6 ft heights.
* Single or in-row multiple units.
* Two gates give ultimate versatility. Most dogs eliminate in the end of the run AWAY from the dog house and feeding station, sending the dog THROUGH the mess as he comes to greet you. We've been in the kenneling business for over 40 years. We know what you'll regret later. You should use a middle door or door near the dog house to effect entry and exit of the dog and an end door for cleaning the run. Only our kennels give you TWO GATES. You'll thank us for it every day.

    Grand Champion Chain Link Modular Dog Kennel Runs - Features at a Glance: * Quick and Easy to assemble - No special tools Required.
    * Two gates come standard with every individual kennel larger than 5 ft x 5 ft.
    * Gate latches are dog proof and LOCKABLE.
    * Superior gate hinge design stays square, even after years of use. Pinch-proof when opening or closing.
    * 12 gauge, all-steel, diamond chain link construction.
    * Raised Leg: 1" raised legs allow for easy cleaning - help prevent bacteria buildup under panels
    * Sold standard in 4' and 6' heights. 5' widths
    * Choice of open panels or solid isolation panels (sold separately) between runs.
    * Optional Covers with easy-to-assemble roof uprights (sold separately below)

    We've sold runs for nearly every purpose: These high-quality kennels can be used indoors or outside.
    * Free-standing backyard dog run
    * Professional kennel accommodations for breeders and trainers
    * Temporary quarters for visitors or event participants
    * Attached to garages and kennel buildings

Add a Doggie Dooley Septic System for easy cleanup
Add a Dog House from our many selections
Add a Dog House Heater for cold climates
Dog Kennels ship palletized right to your door via Motor Freight. You may order add-on panels up to 30 panels/doors per pallet without adding extra freight charges. (Add the # of panels and doors in the unit you choose. Then, if you wish to add more, select and add from the purchase area below up to 30 total units).

Any units after the first 30 will start another pallet and will incur actual shipping charges (about $150-$200 per pallet)

outdoor dog kennel runs configuraton suggestion

Part # Description Price Quantity

6 Ft High x 5 Ft Wide Individual Chain Link Kennels

JWC6510C 5'W x 10'L (4 panels/2 Gates) $789.00
JWC6515C 5'W x 15'L (6 panels/2 Gates) $909.00
JWC6520C 5'W x 20'L (8 panels/2 Gates) $1039.00
JWC6525C 5'W x 25'L (10 panels/2 Gates) $1169.00
JWC6530C 5'W x 30'L (12 panels/2 Gates) $1299.00

6 Ft High x 10 Ft Wide Individual Chain Link Kennels

JWC61010C 10'W x 10'L (6 panels/2 Gates) $919.00
JWC61015C 10'W x 15'L (8 panels/2 Gates) $1039.00
JWC61020C 10'W x 20'L (10 panels/2 Gates) $1169.00
JWC61025C 10'W x 25'L (12 panels/2 Gates) $1299.00
JWC61030C 10'W x 30'L (14 panels/2 Gates) $1429.00

6 Ft High x 15 Ft Wide Individual Chain Link Kennels

JWC61515C 15'W x 15'L (10 panels/2 Gates) $1169.00
JWC61520C 15'W x 20'L (12 panels/2 Gates) $1299.00
JWC61525C 15'W x 25'L (14 panels/2 Gates) $1429.00
JWC61530C 15'W x 30'L (16 panels/2 Gates) $1559.00

6 Ft High x 20 Ft Wide Individual Chain Link Kennels

JWC620205C 20'W x 20'L (14 panels/2 Gates) $1429.00
JWC62025C 20'W x 25'L (16 panels/2 Gates) $1559.00
JWC62030C 20'W x 30'L (18 panels/2 Gates) $1689.00

6 Ft High x 25 Ft Wide Individual Chain Link Kennels

JWC62525C 25'W x 25'L (18 panels/2 Gates) $1689.00
JWC62530C 25'W x 30'L (20 panels/2 Gates) $1819.00

6 Ft High x 30 Ft Wide Chain Link Runs (Also used as a safety perimeter fence around 4 kennels, 5'W x 20'L or 5 kennels 4'W x 20'L)

JWC63030C 30'W x 30'L (22 panels/2 Gates) $1949.00

outdoor dog kennel runs configuraton suggestion

Part # Description Price Quantity

4 Ft High x 5' Wide Chain Link Dog Kennels

JWC4510C-1 5'Wx10'L (5 panels/1 gate) $679
JWC4510C 5'Wx10'L (4 panels/2 gates) $699
JWC4515C 5'Wx15'L (6 panels/2 gates) $799
JWC4520C 5'Wx20'L (8 panels/2 gates) $899
JWC4525C 5'Wx25'L (10 panels/2 gates) $999
JWC4530C 5'Wx30'L (12 panels/2 gates) $1109

4 Ft High x 10' Wide Chain Link Dog Kennels

JWC41010C 10'Wx10'L (6 panels/2 gates) $799
JWC41015C 10'Wx15'L (8 panels/2 gates) $899
JWC41020C 10'Wx20'L (10 panels/2 gates) $999
JWC41025C 10'Wx25'L (12 panels/2 gates) $1109
JWC41030C 10'Wx30'L (14 panels/2 gates) $1209

4 Ft High x 15' Wide Chain Link Dog Kennels

JWC41515C 15'Wx15'L (10 panels/2 gates) $999
JWC41520C 15'Wx20'L (12 panels/2 gates) $1109
JWC41525C 15'Wx25'L (14 panels/2 gates) $1209
JWC41530C 15'Wx30'L (16 panels/2 gates) $1319

4 Ft High x 20' Wide Chain Link Dog Kennels

JWC42020C 20'Wx20'L (14 panels/2 gates) $1209
JWC42025C 20Wx25L (16 panels/2 gates) $1319
JWC42030C 20'Wx30'L (18 panels/2 gates) $1419

4 Ft High x 25' Wide Chain Link Dog Kennels

JWC42525C 25'Wx25'L (18 panels/2 gates) $1419
JWC42530C 25'Wx30'L (20 panels/2 gates) $1519
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