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Clamps, Anchors, Supports, and other Accessories for Modular Dog Kennels



Quick Reference: Accessories come in Black Powder-coat only but can be used on galvanized kennels as well
* Kennel Panel clamps fasten panels together
* Wall Brackets attach panels to a wall. (Need two per panel that will be attached to the wall)
        • * Bridge Support can be used to support parallel panels when a back kennel panel is not used (ie: When a run butts up to a wall) The bridge support goes overhead between the adjoining runs to give lateral support and stability to side panels that otherwise would have no back panel. (Need one per each two runs if the kennels are longer than 10 ft) (no extra freight is charged if ordered as part of a pallet. If ordered separately, separate oversize shipping charges may be added)
        • * Cover Support Fittings are needed when installing Cover Systems on adjacent common-wall runs. 1 needed per run.
        • * Kennel Bowls are fitted into panels or gates to keep bowls up off the ground for cleanliness and to keep ants out of them. Eliminates the wet and soggy problems of tripping over or stepping in bowls thta are on teh ground. Can be adjusted to the ideal height for your dog.
          Rigid design hold bowls in place.
          Turn-Style design allows bowls to rotate from the inside to the outside of the run for feeding and watering without entering the kennel run. A quick click of the locking mechanism gives immediate access to both bowls. Simply rotate back into place, the unit easily locks and your animal has food and water.
        • (for use with wire mesh kennels only.)
        • * Ground Anchors give added stability. They come in a set of 6. If you need more, order the 2 piece add-on packages.


        No extra freight is charged if ordered at the same time as a kennel system is ordered. Items will ship on the same pallet. If ordered separately or alone, separate and/or oversize shipping charges may be added.
        Part # Description Price Quantity
        Gate Latch; BLK Powdercoated
        Bridge Support; BLK Powder-coated
        Cover Support Fitting; BLK Powder-coated
        Kennel Panel Clamp; BLK Power-coated
        Wall Bracket for attaching Panel to a wall
        Modular Fencing Ground Anchors wtih Drive Rod (6 pack
        Modular Fencing Ground Anchors (2 piece add-on pack)
        Kennel Bowls System; 2 bowls; Turn-Style
        Kennel Bowls System; 2 bowls; Rigid Design
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        Image for Doggie Dooley Septic System
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        Doggie Dooley installs in the ground like a mini-septic tank to liquefy animal waste year round.
        Just scoop your yard, use the foot action lid to open, and dump the waste in the container. The Doggie Dooley will do the rest. dog septic systems, pooper scoopers
          Doggie Dooley Dog Septic System
        • * Easily installs in the ground, leaving just the lid exposed.
        • * Non-rusting plastics for durability
        • * Keeps grounds clean, insect-free and sanitary
        • * Uses safe, non-poisonous bacteria action to liquefy pet waste for ground absorption.
        • * Simply shovel the stool into the tank, close the lid, and occasionally add water and special enzyme digesters.
        • * Live organisms in the digester turn waste into a harmless liquid.
        • * New pyramid shape easily assembles without a base, with instructions to expand waste digesting capacity for more pets.
        • * Digestive action stops at 40 degrees F and dooley works best in soil that is sandy or drains well. Find a place with a minimum of clay.
        • * Digester has a shelf life of 5 years if kept cool and dry. Recommended useage: one tablespoon per pet per week.
          Doggie Dooley #2000
        • * Rust-proof plastic with foot operated lid.
        • * 11.5" diameter bottom, 15.75" high, 1.5" lip, 8.5" lid opening, 16.75" overhang. weight: 9 lbs
        • * Includes shovel, 6 month supply of enzyme digester (8 oz.) and retaining bucket.
        • * 2 small or 1 large pet
        doggie dooley dog waste system, pooper scoops
        Doggie Dooley Dog Septic System, Pyramid
        • * New shape for more economical shipping
        • * Rust-proof plastic
        • * Convenient foot-action lid
        • * Approx. 16" high, 17.5" base opening
          * Recommended Hole: 20" x 20" x 14"
        • * Includes 6 month supply of enzyme digester (8 oz.)
        • * Expandable for more pets
        • * 2 small or 1 large pet
        dog pooper scoopers, waste disposal
        Doggie Dooley Dog Septic System, Deluxe Pyramid
        • * Deluxe model is expanded for larger capacity
        • * Rust-proof plastic
        • * Convenient foot-action lid
        • * Approximately 16" high (plus extra depth attachment for expansion), 17.5" base opening
          * Recommended Hole: 20" x 20" x 23"
        • * Includes 6 month supply of enzyme digester (8 oz.)
        • * Expandable for more pets
        • * 4 small or 2 large pets
        dog pooper scoopers, waste disposal
        Part # Description Price Quantity
        * * Doggie Dooley Dog Septic System #2000
        Doggie Dooley Dog Septic System, Pyramid (3500)
        * Doggie Dooley Dog Septic System, Deluxe Pyramid
        Doggie Dooley Dog Septic System Digester; 3 Lbs
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        og House
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        Durable, maintenance-free shelter is constructed from three layers of structural foam and nitrogen insulated plastic.
        • * Three layer construction gives extra strength and durability.
        • Igloo-styled house keeps pets cooler in summer and warmer in winter because nitrogen insulation is three times more protection than ordinary plastic.
        • * Large size fits dogs up to 100 pounds. Approx. 36" diameter and 27" high.
        • * Assembles easily with a screwdriver.
        • * Pieces come nested in small box to save space and shipping costs.
          * Economical UPS Shipping.
        * For dogs from approx 30 Lbs to 80 Lbs
        Part # Description Price Quantity
        * * * * Dogloo KD Pro Dog House

        Save on Shipping. Order two at one time!

        Dogloo KD Pro Dog House; 2 pack


        Comfort Pad, Dogloo KD Pro House, 34"x32"x2", round
        DogLoo Pro Large Door (smoke color-2 flaps)
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        Image for Dogloo Dog House
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        Finally, a Dog House that is more than just a "dog house". No eskimo igloo was ever built better.
        • * Insulated walls (three layers of construction) with structural foam insulation for energy efficiency.
        • * Non-climb igloo shape gives extra room and provides wind resistance so won't blow over.
        • * Adjustable ventilation reduces condensation and improves air circulation when needed.
        • * Top lifts off of round base for easy cleaning.
        • * Foam pad (optional) has heavy-duty, moisture-resistant, zippered cover and fits inside for comfort. Pads are measured approximately and are circular.
        • * Doors (optional) available for added warmth. Door sizes are approximate. Measured height is top to bottom and width is measured at the bottom widest part. Doors are frosted, flexible plastic.

        door and pad for dogloo dog houses

          X-Large and Giant Houses must ship by motor freight. Because of our shipping volume, we receive very deep discounts on our motor freight charges. We pass those discounts directly on to you.
        In the drop-down box below you will see the shipping charges for the XLarge and Giant houses for your area within the lower 48 states. Your shipping will be within 10% of those charges (up or down) regardless of what the order cart shows you.
        Please provide a business name if you are shipping to a business. Orders to individuals will be charged the residential delivery charges.

        Although all sizes of dogloo pads and doors can be shipped by UPS, only the Small & Medium dogloo houses are UPS shippable. Larger houses must go Motor Freight.

        Part # Description Price Quantity

        Medium House & Accessories

        **** Dogloo Igloo Dog House, Medium, 26"x25"x18. 5"H
        Dogloo Igloo Dog House Door, Medium 12" x 11"
        Dogloo Igloo Dog House Pad, Medium, 23" Diameter

        Large House & Accessories

        Dogloo Igloo Dog House, Large , 34x33x25.5"H
        Dogloo Igloo Dog House Door, Large , 16"H x 16"W (fits Dogloo XT also)
        * Dogloo Igloo Dog House Pad, 30"diam, Large

        Xlarge House & Accessories

        Dogloo Igloo Dog House, X-Lrg , 40"x40"x30.5"H
        Dogloo Igloo Dog House Door, X-Lrg , 19"H x 19"W
        * Dogloo Igloo Dog House Pad, 36"diam, X-Large

        Giant House & Accessories

        Dogloo Igloo Dog House, Giant, 49"x47"x37"H
        Dogloo Igloo Dog House Door, Giant, 23"H x 24"W
        * * * Dogloo Igloo Dog House Pad, Giant, 43" Diameter

        X-Large & Giant Dogloos ship by motorfreight. For those houses, your shipping charges will be within 10% of the charges shown below (up or down due to gas surcharges) regardless of what the order cart shows you.


        Image for Dog House Heater
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        Keep your outdoor pet indoor warm!

        Hound Heater dog house furnace is a thermostatically controlled heater that installs in minutes and heats up to a 32 sq ft dog house. Simply set it and forget it.

        Powered by an extremely long life "Mica" heater - a special 150 watt heating element. This technology is one of the most realiable heaters in the world.

        Has a new built-in 100,000 cycle, very accurate, thermostat. No more wondering what temperature your pet's house is.

        The Hound Heater Dog House Furnace can easily heat a well insulated dog house up to 32 cubic feet. The beauty of the new heater is, because it is thermostatically controlled, it can go in a small house as well. Once the pre-set temperature has been reached it will turn off and on only as needed to keep your pet warm and dry.

            Hound Heater Dog House Heater Features at a Glance:
          • * Incredibly long-life heating element
          • * 100,000 cycle life thermostat
          • I* nternal and external heat shield for safety and efficiency. Can't burn your pet
          • * Easy to install in square or igloo-shaped dog houses
          • * 10.5"H x 10"W x 4.5"D
          Mounting: Unit requires a measuring device, drill, 1-1/8" wood bit, screw driver and six sets of nuts, washers and bolts (not included)

          Mount the Hound Heater in any corner of hte dog house away from the dog house entrance. Mount the Hound Heater Shield about 2" above the heater to deflect the rising heat and disperse it more efficiently in your pet's house. Plug it in. Set the thermostat to the desired temperature. Go away confident that it will heat when needed. (Can also be mounted in igloo-style dog houses)

          Part # Description Price Quantity
          * Hound Heater Dog House Heater
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